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外研版中考英语八下 Modules 6-8复习课件

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    外研版中考英语八下 Modules 6-8复习课件
    ②她看起来好像年轻了十岁。 She _______ _______ _______ she were ten years younger. ③The Browns decided to buy the large apartment _______ they weren’t rich. A. in fact B. as if C. even though D. after all as if =as though 似乎,好像 ①在look, seem 等系动词后引导表语从句 ②引导方式状语从句,多用虚拟语气表示非真实的情况 even if =even though 即使,尽管 引导让步状语从句 ①even if的从句中含有强烈的假定性 ②even though则多以从句的内容为前提 【自主归纳】 as if/even if的用法辨析 答案:①C ②looks as if ③C 6. as soon as 一……就…… ◆He will meet us as soon as he comes back tomorrow. 明天他一回来就会见我们。 ①(2011·大庆中考)—When will you come to Daqing? —I will call you _______ I arrive. A. till B. while C. as quickly as D. as soon as ②If there is any change to the plan, I will tell you ____________ (尽可能快地). ③(2012·宜宾中考)我一到杭州就给你打电话。 I will call you as _______ as I _______ in Hangzhou. 【自主归纳】as soon as的用法 (1)as soon as引导时间状语从句,如果主句是一般将来时,从句要用__________时。 (2)as soon as ________ =as soon as one can/could,意为“尽可能快地”。 (3)其他的时间连词,如when,before,after,until等都适用“_________”原则。 答案:①D ②as soon as possible ③soon; arrive 一般现在 possible 主将从现 7. What does the man think of the music? 这个人认为音乐怎么样? ①——你认为中国的四大名著怎么样? ——我非常喜欢。 — _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ the four classics (名著)of China? —I like them very much. ②What does your father think of the talk shows hosted by Zhou Libo? (改为同义句) _______ _______ your father _______ the talk shows hosted by Zhou Libo? 【自主归纳】 What do you think of. . . ? 句型两考点 (1)基本用法:此句型用来询问对方对某事的看法,也可以说“_________________”。当然对这样的问题不能简单地用“yes”或“no”来回答,而要具体说明理由。 (2)回答方式: ①I like. . . very much. ②. . . is/are very great. ③I can’t stand it/them. ④It’s/They’re interesting/. . . 答案:①What do you think of ②How does;like How do you like. . . 8. And while we’re staying with them, we’re going to spend a few days in Qingdao. 在与他们待在一起的时候, 我们将要在青岛度过几天的时光。 ①(2011·北海中考)While I _______ TV, the bell rang. A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. was watching ②(2011·齐齐哈尔中考)Jack likes reading a newspaper _______ he is having breakfast. A. while B. and C. because ③ _______ I went into the classroom, Sally was listening to pop music. A. While B. When C. Since D. Until ④他想了一会儿,然后回答了我们。 He thought for _______ _______ , then answered us. _____ ①conj. 意为“在……期间”,多指“时间段”,从句的动词只限于持续性动词,常用于进行时 ②conj. 意为“然而”,连接并列结构 ③n. 意为“一会儿” _____ ①conj. 意为 “在……时”,多指“时间点”, 从句中的动词为短暂性动词时,常用一般现在时或一般过去时 ②从句的动词为持续性动词时,用法同while as conj. 意为“与……同时”,强调动作同时进行 【自主归纳】 while/when/as的辨析 答案:①D ②A ③B ④a while while when Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. (2011·莱芜中考)Animals are human’s friends, so protecting them is _______ (we)duty. 2. (2011·梧州中考)Jackie Chan is a famous _______ (act). 3. (2011·淮安中考)Nancy is too young to look after _______ (she). Don’t leave her alone. 4. (2012·衢州中考)I think Julie will be the _______ (胜利者)of the English Competition in our school. 答案:1. our 2. actor 3. herself 4. winner Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. (2012·温州中考) Frank lives a simple life _______ he has lots of money. A. although B. because C. so D. if 【解析】选A。考查连词的用法。句意:尽管弗兰克有很多钱,但他过着简朴的生活。although尽管;because因为;so所以;if如果。故选A。 2. (2012·兰州中考)—All the workers went home yesterday _______ Mr. White. Why? —Because he was on duty. A. except B. besides C. except for D. beside 【解析】选A。 考查介词辨析。句意:——昨天所有的工人都回家了,除了怀特先生。这是为什么?——因为他值班。except表示“除了…… ”,不包括后面所指内容, besides表示“除……之外”,包括后面所指的内容,except for表示“除了……以外”,强调局部的瑕疵;beside表示“在……旁边”。由句意知排除怀特先生在外,故选A。 3. (2012·滨州中考)She can hardly write her name, _______? A. can she B. can’t she C. need she D. needn’t she 【解析】选A。考查特殊句式的反意疑问句。陈述句中有否定副词hardly,疑问句中应用肯定形式,陈述句含有can,故用can she。 4. (2012·绵阳中考) _______ I was in the US, I made a lot of American friends. A. While B. Although C. Unless D. Until 【解析】选A。考查连词辨析。while“当……时,和……同时”;although“虽然,尽管”;unless“除非,如果不”;until“直到”。句意:当我在美国时,我结交了许多美国朋友。故选A。 5. (2012·山西中考) —Every time the exam is over, I will _______ the results. —Take it easy! Grades are not our whole life. A. be worried about B. be pleased with C. be good at 【解析】选A。考查短语辨析。A项意为“担心……”;B项意为“对……满意”;C项意为“擅长……”。句意:——每次考完试,我都会担心结果。——放轻松点!成绩不是我们生活的全部。故选A。 6. (2012·凉山中考)—When will your aunt leave for Shanghai? —I don’t know, but I’ll call you as soon as she _______. A. leaves B. will leave C. left 【解析】选A。考查时间状语从句的时态。as soon as表示“一……就……”,其主句用将来时态,从句要用一般现在时态。故选A。 7. (2012·安徽中考)—What’s your plan for the summer holidays? —I’ll go to Beijing _______ the school term ends. A. in order that B. so that C. as soon as D. even though 【解析】选C。考查连词的用法。句意:——你的暑假计划是什么?——学期一结束我就去北京。in order that
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